The Woods planning team offers a complete and independent planning service for a wide range of projects of any size or complexity including Development Advisory, Commercial, Subdivision, Infrastructure, Policy, Retail, Government, and Residential - creating good outcomes through good planning.

Whether working with Woods’ in-house engineers, surveyors, and urban designers, or with external agencies, our planners “play well” with others and ensure open communication lines with all project team members. Our planners have a combined experience of 67 years guiding clients through the complex planning environment to get the best results from Council as quickly as possible.

Our planning team’s strength stems from its depth of knowledge and ability to deliver a broad range of projects from both a strategic and planning perspective. An integral part of their role is coordinating external specialists such as traffic, ecology or landscape architecture, urban design, geotechnical to ensure everyone assigned to a project takes a consistent approach in creating and delivering the client’s vision.

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