Three Kings Quarry

Three Kings, Auckland
January 2017 - Present
Three Kings Quarry

Three Kings Quarry


Three Kings Quarry in Auckland had been the subject of discussion and planning for redevelopment for many years. It was a working basalt quarry for over 80 years and has since been exhausted of its extractable resources. 

Leading developers, Fletcher Living, assessed the site's potential and crafted a plan to transform it into a residential development complete with amenities, fostering a community-driven environment. 

The plan they ultimately produced would make Three Kings Quarry one of the largest brownfield developments in Auckland. 


Woods’ Involvement 

Woods was brought on to the project as the lead consultant, providing engineering and survey expertise.  

One of the largest hurdles was determining how to fill the vast space to an acceptable level for construction. Working closely with other teams on the project, we were able to source fill material to start filling the historic quarry up to an acceptable level where we could suitably build.  

Recognising the age and limitations of the existing infrastructure, especially the 100-year-old asbestos water mains and sewers, our specialists strategized the infrastructure requirements  to accommodate the demand of over 1,000 dwellings proposed. 

The quarry’s positioning, being below the surrounding level, added another layer of complexity in managing stormwater. Our solution was to tap into the site's historical geotechnical structure, utilising the old scoria veins from surrounding hills as a subterranean flow path, offering a massive storage capacity for stormwater management. 

We were also tasked with determining what to do with the remaining rock on site. As this was originally a functioning quarry, there were hundreds of thousands of tonnes of rock. Instead of looking at this as a logistical nightmare, we decided to turn this rock into an opportunity. 

We crushed the surplus rock and repurposed it for the development’s road pavements, ensuring the quarry was able to further serve this new community.    



Currently, residents have started making a home in Three Kings Quarry. While there are still a few years left on the project itself, the team at Woods is incredibly proud to be a part of developing another community. 

We look forward to continuing to work on this project with our partners, and to continue the quarry’s legacy of serving the people of Auckland.   


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